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Fire Safety

Safety means to keep out of danger.  There are some actions that you can take in order to keep out of danger from fires.  There are also some things that you can do to lower the likelihood of starting fires.

Fires keep us warm, cook our food, and give us light. Yet, we need to; (1) Keep your distance from outdoor grills or camp fires; (2) Never leave candles or space heaters unattended; (3) Do not play with electrical cords, do not place clothes or blankets over a lamp, and do not plug in more than 2 items into an electrical outlet; (4) Always ask for help when cooking; and (5) always have an adult present if there is ever a need to strike a match or light a lighter.

Having a working smoke detector in each room of your home can also keep you safe.  Smoke alarms make a loud, high pitched sound when there is smoke or fire.  Hearing the sound of a smoke alarm will increase your chance of keeping out of danger in the event of a fire.

Please know that in the event of a fire, stay calm and never hide!  Fire fighters are safe strangers.  In the event of a fire, they will need to see you in order to provide help.  Practice fire drills with your family and have a safety plan.

Did You Know?

  • The three components of a fire are heat, oxygen, and fuel
  • Most fires start in the kitchen
  • Electricity can cause fires
  • Smoke can indicate a fire even if you do not see any flames.

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