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Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has been around for hundreds of years.  Although the origin of hockey is unknown, the rules of modern ice hockey were devised by Canadian, JGA Creighton in 1875 and the first game of ice hockey using these rules was played in Montreal, Canada. There are a few variations of hockey, field hockey and roller hockey to name a few, but ice hockey is the most common form and is usually just called hockey. Hockey is a team sport played on an ice surface called a rink. Hockey players wear ice skates and use a stick to pass a rubber puck and shoot it into a netted goal for a point. There are six players on the ice at a time for each team (although the team has 20 players). A hockey game lasts sixty minutes and is divided into three 20 minute periods. Hockey is a very fast paced sport. It can also be a rough sport.  Players wear a helmet to protect their heads and pads to protect their bodies from hard hits.

Hockey is fun to play and fun to watch. It teaches teamwork and is great exercise, but for safety it’s important to be a good skater, wear the proper equipment, and follow the rules. 

Did You Know?

The first hockey puck, used during outdoor pickup games in the 1800s, was reportedly made of frozen cow poop!

The word 'hockey' comes from the French word 'hoquet' which means bent stick.

Cleveland is the home to the Lake Erie Monsters, an American Hockey League team and affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche.

The Anaheim Ducks, originally called the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, were named after the team in the Disney movie, The Mighty Ducks.

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