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Thomas Edison

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. ~ Thomas Edison

Imagine living in a time when the light in your home came from oil lamps, gas lamps, or candles. Those light sources also make smoke and can even start fires if not tended to properly. And just think how hard it might be to read your favorite book! Luckily for us, Thomas Edison worked long and hard for many years to perfect an invention that would help us. He founded the Edison Electric Light Company in October of 1878. To learn more about Thomas Edison and the invention of electricity check out the books, DVDs and websites listed below. Who knows, you may be the next great inventor!

Did you know?

~Thomas Edison was born in Ohio!
~He was friends with Henry Ford.
~He didn’t invent the light bulb he just made it work better.
~Thomas Edison created more inventions and still holds more patents than anyone else ~ 1,093!! 

Electrifying Materials

A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison
Adler, David A.
An introduction to the genius with a curious mind who loved to experiment and who invented the phonograph, light bulb, movie camera, and numerous other items.
Inventing the Future
Delano, Marfe Ferguson
Presents a biography of the tireless Thomas Edison, illustrated with many photos of his life and inventions.
Thomas A. Edison
Woodside, Martin
A biography of America's most famous inventor Thomas Edison.
Thomas Edison
By exploring archival films, photographs and actual drawings and materials, students will learn of Thomas Edison and his inventions of electric lighting, phonograph, and movie camera, but also establishing the first true research lab, an invention factory!
Focuses on positive and negative electrical charges, the flow of electrical current and open/closed circuits.
All about Electricity
Students will learn about the key ideas of circuits, conductors and insulators in a fun, hands-on activity.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

~Thomas Edison


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