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Teen Career Exploration Series w/ Euclid Police Officer Vashon Willians

Featured Speaker: Euclid Police Officer, Vashon Williams

We have all seen police officers, either in our communities, or on television. Some of us may even know one. the question is: how many of us would like to hear, first hand, what it is like to be a police officer or would like to know the process of becoming one? Euclid Police Officer, Vashon Williams, is here to answer those questions and to tell us why he chose law enforcement as his profession.

Teen Media and Influence Workshops

Media and Stereotypes

What is the role of media in your life? How much of what you read and listen to influences your attitudes and behaviors? Today we are going to look at images and advertisements that we see in the media and discuss their underlying message and purpose.

Registration is required and can be done through Eventbrite (online or app) or at the Children's or Teen desks.


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