Dr. Tamika Nunley Virtual Event

Euclid Public Library and East Cleveland Public Library are thrilled to host an exclusive Juneteenth virtual event featuring esteemed author, Dr. Tamika Nunley, on June 5 at 4:00 PM. Join us as we explore the remarkable stories of enslaved Black women, and how the slave society in early Virginia dealt with them in matters of justice and clemency.

Nunley, a graduate of Euclid High School and a Professor at Cornell University, has released her newest work, The Demands of Justice, Enslaved Women, Capital Crime, and Clemency in Early Virginia. In this enlightening book, Nunley uncovers the hardships of Black women charged by their white owners with serious crimes such as poisoning, theft, murder, infanticide, and arson. As shocking as it may sound, the accused were not entitled to a hearing, trial, or appeal in the court of law. Conviction was final, with sale outside of the state as the best possible outcome.

As an award-winning historian, Nunley paints a vivid picture of the atrocities these women faced and the biased ways in which justice was served. She shows how the owners were more inclined to keep the accused in bondage than to grant them freedom, enabling white Virginians to continue benefiting from the Black women's labor. You can place this book on hold today.

This interview-style event is an excellent opportunity to explore the past and the lingering impact of the slave society. We invite you to register to join us on Zoom as we dive deeper into this subject and gain insight from Dr. Tamika Nunley, an exceptional scholar who has brought to light these compelling stories. Click here for more information.