Kids stretching

     To exercise or not?  That is the question.  Did you know that exercise can be fun?  There are lots of benefits to exercise.  Although it requires physical effort, it can improve and sustain your health.  With some creativity, you can have fun and stay healthy!
There are many reasons to exercise.  Exercise helps to manage body weight, be more flexible, and improve your mood.  Exercise also builds strong muscles, bones, and improves coordination.
     There are many ways to exercise.  Tumbling, yoga, walking, skipping, jumping rope, and ice skating are some ways to exercise.  There is also line dancing, aerobics, swimming, and jumping rope.  Squatting, running, and playing on the monkey bars are also fun ways to exercise.
During the month of December when it is cold outside, get moving inside and exercise!

Kids running
Kids using dumbells
Did You Know?
  • Exercise is considered necessary in order to live.
  • Exercise strengthens your heart.
  • Exercise helps you sleep better.