Libraries and Librarians

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In order to become a librarian, there is a need to complete an undergraduate program in college and obtain a baccalaureate degree in a field of your choice.  Next, complete a Library Science Program and receive a master's degree.   Librarians can also have a specific area of interest and go further and become licensed or certified.  No wonder why some say that librarians are the "keepers of knowledge!"  Librarians organize information and make it accessible to others.

Librarians work in places called, libraries.  Libraries can be found in hospitals, schools, and colleges.   Information is stored and organized in libraries for preservation and usage.  Librarians help people locate and connect with limitless information, explain things to people, and also teach people how to find information for themselves.  Librarians are busy in libraries!  When was the last time that you visited your local library?

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Did You Know?
  • Library comes from the Latin word liber, meaning book
  • Books used to be copied by hand until the printing press was invented.
  • There are more than 137,000 Libraries in the United States