Renovation Q&A

In November 2023, Euclid Residents voted for a PI levy in support of the Euclid Public Library. What is a Permanent Improvement (PI) levy?

Just about a decade ago, in 2013, Euclid Public Library completed a $1 million-dollar renovation project.  The Young Adult section was enlarged, the computer area was renovated, power outlets were added to tables, the interior was painted and the carpet was updated.  However, major systems like the roof, electrical system, and HVAC system went untouched.  A PI levy will allow the library to generate funding to renovate and remodel the existing building.

How will the PI levy funds be used?

Funding generated by the 1.5 millage PI levy will support repairs and upgrades to the facility, including the roof, HVAC system, upgrades to the lights and electrical system, and removal of the under-carpet wiring system, which is no longer a viable product.

When will the renovation of the Euclid Public Library begin?

Renovation is scheduled to begin in early 2025.  Because the renovation includes major systems such as the HVAC, lighting and electrical, the entire site will be closed to construction.  Library services will relocate to a temporary location for the duration of the renovation.

How long will the renovation take?

Renovation is scheduled to take 12-14 months.

How is the library preparing for the renovation?

Library staff and the Board of Trustees continue to meet with Bialosky Cleveland Architects and Turner Construction to develop renovation plans for the building.  In March 2024, the Schematic Design Phase began.  In May 2024, the project will enter the Design Development Phase.   The Euclid Public Library continues to evaluate its space and needs and is planning services in a renovated building.

How is the collection changing?
As we determine which materials will go in to storage during the renovation and what is needed in the new building, we are also evaluating the library's collections for currency and relevancy.  We are discarding material that is in poor physical condition, no longer current or is no longer in demand.