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Outreach Services ensures that all residents of the community have equal access to the library’s rich resources.
These services benefit those who otherwise would be unable to enjoy the library.


The Euclid Public Library offers a free home delivery service to Euclid residents who are temporarily or permanently confined to the home. Large print and regular print books, DVDs, audiobooks, music and magazines are delivered on a monthly basis. For more information, call the Euclid Library’s Outreach Department at (216) 261-5300 ext. 5115 or email us at


Euclid Public Library maintains collections of books at various locations throughout the city. These include senior citizens' housing complexes, senior centers, and other community locations. 

These rotating collections are tailored to the needs of the facility and may include special requests from residents. Those in nursing homes may also receive individual deliveries. 


  • Recorded Books - Books recorded on CD or Playaway are available in the library and for home delivery. This format is ideal for those with vision impairment or physical disabilities that prevent them from holding a book or turning pages. 
  • Large Print Books - Large print books are available in the library and for home delivery. Many adults find that reading is easier with larger type and more spacing. This format extends the joy of reading to people with poor vision and those whose eyes tire easily.


The library has outreach services available to children who live in Euclid. Services include:  

  • Pickup and delivery of library materials for children 
  • Monthly storytime programming at care sites 
  • Providing library resources for early literacy and school readiness skills 
  • Resources and programming for family literacy

For more information, please contact Carol Enkler (216) 261-5300 ext. 5117