Checked Out Podcast

Checked Out with hosts Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein
Checked Out is the official podcast of the Euclid Public Library in Euclid, Ohio. We interview people in our community, talk about books, movies, library services and events. Each podcast ends with some entertaining and always amusing news.

Euclid Basketball Events
Euclid Basketball Events

If you love basketball, September will be your month. In this episode of "Checked Out,"

hosts Frank Antloga and Temah Britt-Jackson talk to Sgt. Vashon Williams about the 

upcoming 3-on-3 Crossover Classic Basketball Tournament and the NBA 2K22 Virtual Blacktop Tournament.

Both events will be held in Euclid, Ohio on September 10.

Bipolar Butterfly ARt
Bipolar Butterfly Art

When local artist Kimmy Henderson learned she was bipolar; her first instinct was to draw butterflies. Today, her butterfly art is in demand all over Ohio bringing awareness and helping to end the stigma about mental illness. Listen to her story in this podcast episode. Stop by the library, her art is on display in EPL's art gallery this August and September.

Books To Movies 2022
Books To Movies 2022

Is the Book always better than the Movie?  

Find out by listening to this episode of our podcast “Checked Out.” EPL’s Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein talk to Adult Services manager Karla Bowman about books that will be turned into movies and TV shows this year. 

Amazing Audiobooks
Amazing Audiobooks!

Discover why audiobooks are amazing in this episode of "Checked Out!"

EPL's Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein celebrate audiobook month with Youth Services Manager Christine Pyles and Reference Librarian Marjory Mogg. Learn the different ways to access free audiobooks and how to fully enjoy them. This podcast also features, audiobook recommendations and anticipated new releases.

Supporting Small Businesses
Small Business Month

In this episode of our podcast “Checked Out,” we’re celebrating Small Business Month. 

EPL’s Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein talked to Dana Heil from the Euclid Chamber of 

Commerce and small business owner Shantelle Myers. 

Saving Our Butterflies
Saving Our Butterflies

It wouldn't be spring and summer without seeing colorful butterflies fluttering around our flowers. Unfortunately, today, fewer butterflies can be found in our gardens and some butterflies have been added to the endangered species list. In this episode of "Checked Out," EPL's Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein talked to biologist Marci Lininger from the Ohio Pollinator Initiative about this problem and what we can do to help save our butterflies.  

You can meet Marci at the library on May 17, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm. We will be giving out free milkweed seeds as part of EPL's save the butterflies program this spring and summer. 

Community Festivals Are Coming Back!
Community Festivals Are Back!

This year, you'll have a wider variety of festivals to attend in Greater Cleveland--including the Cleveland Asian Festival in May and One World Day in August.

In today's podcast episode, EPL's Kacie and Mike celebrate the return of community festivals with Cleveland Festival Producer Johnny Wu.

Asian & Pacific Islander Experiences in America
Asian & Pacific Islander Experiences in America

In this episode of Euclid Public Library's podcast Checked Out, Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein talk to Amy Breslin, Outreach Librarian for the Lorain Public Library System, and a member of Ohio Progressive Asian Women’s Leadership. They discussed the Asian American and Pacific Islander experience in America and how libraries and communities can work together to fight the rise in Asian hate crimes.

Improving your life with yoga
Improving Your Life with Yoga

The practice of yoga offers far more than physical postures and stress relief. Did you know that yoga can also help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, and  "bad" cholesterol? In this episode of Checked Out, Euclid Public Library's Marjory Mogg and Mike Stein talk to yoga instructor Melissa Miller about the benefits of yoga and how to get started. Melissa teaches yoga classes at EPL once a month. For more information about the free classes go to:

Let's talk about the Oscars
Let's Talk About the Oscars!

The Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars, is Hollywood's most prestigious artistic award in the film industry. Before you watch the 2022 awards ceremony in March, listen to this podcast. Euclid Public Library's Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein had a lively discussion about the Oscars and movies with Frederick Gooding Jr., author of the book “Black Oscars: From Mammy to Minny, What the Academy Awards Tell Us about African Americans.”

2022 Anticipated Books
2022 Anticipated Books

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to read some new, exciting books. In this episode of EPL’s podcast “Checked Out,” Euclid Public Library's Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein talked to adult librarian Brianna Mayle and Senior Youth Services Librarian Ami Bray about the 21 most anticipated books of 2022. 

covid update
COVID, vaccinations for children and teens and the new Omicron variant

In the latest edition of EPL’s podcast Checked Out EPL's Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein talked to Euclid’s Dr. Marcus Germany to answer questions you have about COVID, vaccinations for children and teens, the new Omicron variant, and more.

Covid-19 Coronavirus vaccine vile
How much do you know about the COVID vaccine?

In today's podcast, EPL's Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein talk to Euclid's Dr. Marcus Germany.


Voting 2020

Early voting has begun! In Cuyahoga County, you have options when it comes to voting.  Do you have a voting plan?

In today's podcast, EPL's Kacie Armstrong and Ben Fagan talk Simeon Best, the Department of Health & Human Services Voting Rights Coordinator to learn how to prepare for the election.

If you have more questions about voting, come to the library on October 22nd between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm for assistance.

Community Support
Community Support Conversations

Clinical social worker and therapist Angela Flowers joins Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein in a discussion about community conversations about the loss of black lives around the country. Flowers is hosting a series of community support sessions with Euclid Public Library via Zoom.

You can attend the upcoming Community Support sessions on July 15 at 6:30 pm and July 29 at 2:30 pm by registering on our website.

Aerial photo of Euclid captioned Euclid's Rich History
Euclid's Rich History

In this episode of Checked Out, EPL's Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein talk about Euclid, Ohio's rich history. Our special guest is Tom Pappas from the Euclid Historical Society.

Episode 2: Euclid and the Census

Audrey Wynne from the U.S. Census Bureau joins Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein in a conversation about why you should participate in the 2020 Census and how you can make sure you are counted. If you would like to learn more about the census, come to Euclid Public Library on March 25 at 6:30 pm to meet representatives from the U.S. Census and the Cuyahoga County Counts Committee. You are also invited to celebrate Census Day at the library on April 1, 2:00 pm-8:00 pm. Join us for activities, refreshments, and census info.

Game on at Euclid Public Library
Episode One: Game On at EPL!

Are you fantastic with Fortnite? A natural playing NBA2K? A master at Mario? The place to go to show off your amazing video game skills is Euclid Public Library.  Teens love playing their favorite games on huge screens. Recently, EPL added virtual reality games and the library will host a NBA2K Blacktop Tournament on September 7th. Listen as Checked Out podcast hosts Kacie Armstrong and Mike Stein have a conversation about the library's lively video game program with teen librarian Ray Ford.