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Ohio residents may apply for a Euclid Public Library card at the Circulation Desk. Adult patrons may apply for a card for themselves or their children if they have proper identification. Proper identification is defined as; a valid Ohio driver’s license or valid State of Ohio identification card (hereafter referred to as State ID.) If the Ohio driver’s license or State ID does not have the most current address, a printed check, utility bill, envelope or post card (with a recent postmark) showing the current address must be shown in addition to the proper identification. A patron’s birth date and valid Ohio driver’s license number or State ID is required for all library card registrations and will be added to the account. The library will issue a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to every account. This PIN is the last four digits of your home phone number and can be changed by you at any time.
A parent, custodian or legal guardian’s name (hereafter referred to as “guardian”) and driver’s license number or State ID will be added to a child’s account for new and existing accounts. Guardians must show proof of guardianship to get their minor child a library card. Children must be able to print their first name to qualify for a card of their own. Please inform the library of any change in personal information such as name, address, telephone or email.



 A Euclid Public Library card may be used at any CLEVNET library. Each CLEVNET library has established policies and procedures that best fit the needs of that library. When checking out material belonging to a CLEVNET library, other than the Euclid Public Library, a patron agrees to follow the policies and procedures of that particular library.



Lost or stolen library cards must be reported to the library immediately. After 3 business days the library requires the patron to make restitution unless a police report, made at the time of the incident, is shown to verify that the card was stolen.



Adult patrons who would like to have their library cards renewed or replaced (get a new card) must show proper identification. Children must have their guardians show proper identification for them. The child must be present to sign the new card.



All EPL cards expire after 3 years. Cards are renewed once the library determines the patron’s personal information is current.
Proper identification is required for renewal and the owner of a card must be present when changing personal information on the account. The patron’s valid Ohio driver’s license number or valid State ID is added to the account. At the discretion of the library, a library card may be revoked at any time if materials are abused, damaged or lost and no restitution has been made.
All children’s cards must have their guardian’s name and Ohio driver’s license number or State ID number on the child’s account. The guardian has the option to change the PIN on the account when the card is renewed.
A patron must present the card they are inquiring about, show proper identification and be designated to have access to the owner’s library account and personal information to obtain information about that card unless the patron has the library card and knows the last four digits of the telephone number.



Your library card is as personal and valuable as a credit card. House Bill 389 states that library records and patron information are confidential, with exceptions for guardians of minor children. We work hard to protect your privacy at the Euclid Public Library. Possession of a card implies permission to use the card to borrow materials and to pickup holds. Possession of a card and knowledge of the last four digits of the telephone number implies permission to use and to have access to the account.



The library card which was used to place the reserve must be the card to pick up the reserve. Materials may be renewed in the library, by telephone or via the library catalog. To renew items via the library catalog and to receive weekly email notification, customers may sign up for Net Notice. When your reserved item is available, you will be notified by telephone, email or postcard. Let us know your preference. The item will be held at the Circulation Desk in your name for five days.
You have the convenience of renewing at home without making a trip to the library by calling (216) 261-5300, extension 5189. The clerk will ask for your library card number. Most items may be renewed. Contacting us on or before the due date will enable us to renew your items.

The following items cannot be renewed:

  • If 25 or more items are late
  • Items needed to fill reserves
  • Magazines
  • Many interlibrary loan items
  • Teacher Loan items
  • EEK! (Educational Enrichments Kits)
  • New Fiction DVDs
Occasionally during busy times it may be necessary to take your name and telephone number and call you back. Every library card has a limit of 50 items.



The book and movie drop boxes are open all day, every day so you may return borrowed items at any time. A drive-up book drop is located on the east side of the library building.
You may look up your account on a catalog terminal or through our website from home. From click “My Account.”  Now type in your card number and PIN to access your account information.



Outgoing faxes are .75 per page. No incoming faxes can be received.



Adults 60 years and older will not be charged fines on overdue materials with the exception of new books and new DVDs. Children’s books will not be charged fines.



You are responsible for any items checked out on your card, including the replacement cost for lost or damaged items.
The cost of the item will be charged to your card and must be paid in full. A suggestion to help avoid damage is to return your borrowed items in a plastic bag during inclement weather. Many times wet books require replacement and the cost is passed on to the borrower.
Any library material returned that is part of a set will not be discharged until all parts, including inserts and booklets are returned.
If a “lost” Euclid Public Library item is returned in good condition within two months after paying replacement costs, you may receive a full refund for the price of the item. Please return the item plus the receipt. All missing and damaged items that belong to another library must be handled according to the owning library’s policies.



The Euclid Public Library appreciates the donations we receive. Donations are evaluated and either added to the collection or given to the Friends of the Euclid Public Library for their book sale. Books, compact discs and DVDs are acceptable as long as the materials are in good condition. Storage space at the library is limited so please use the following as a guide if you wish to donate.
  • When numerous items are being donated, items must be boxed and not to exceed 40 pounds.
  • No more than 8-10 boxes may be donated at a time without an appointment.
  • To schedule an appointment, call the library before 3:00 PM and ask for the supervisor of the Maintenance Department.
  • Donations will not be accepted one hour before closing.
  • On occasion, the library may not be able to accept large quantities of donations simply because we do not have the space to store them.
  • Materials in poor condition will not be accepted.
  • We do not accept magazines.



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